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ABOUT Play Interactive

Know who we are

Play Interactive is a complete Sporting Arena Management Application. It is an easy to use application to manage all the activities of your sporting arena including booking, inventory, billing, accounting etc. We offer top notch customer service and support, and quality features at a reasonable price. Our goal is to help you effectively manage your business through the Play Interactive software, growing both your customer base and profits.

Our team consist of sports enthusiasts and business management experts who understand the functioning of sporting arenas. Hence, we have included smart features in our software to help you, run your business with no worries.

No more struggling with overlapping bookings, multiple record keeping, scattered billings. Choose Play Interactive and manage the show easily.


Play Interactive is a very useful software for Sporting Arenas

  • It can be used in any play arena, multi sports arena, Gyms, Clubs which do not have rooms.
  • This was developed completely from ground up for sport clubs as there was none available in India.
  • It helps protect revenue leaks. It has lighting software solutions which can only be turned on based on payment and booking to help sports club owners to monitor their revenues better.
  • RFID/ membership cards can be issued to members for smooth entry/exit.
  • Monitor GST payments and receivables easily.

Play Interactive has all the features you need in a sports club management software.


Options to choose

Here it is… Play Interactive is loaded with all the features that will make your job easy.

Features include simple member registration, billings, memberships, bookings and other operational tasks.

  • Manage Billing through cash/card/online payments/ wallets etc.
  • Available in both web and mobile app for ease of operation
  • Facility to accept direct bookings/memberships on your website
  • Customer retainership program along with coupon codes
  • RFID and access-controlled entry to easily manage customers and to protect from revenue leaks
  • Get insight into your business. No pending dues, expiry of membership
  • Great Analytics for all your business needs
  • Easy for GST and taxation purposes. Can be easily exported for accounting software use.
  • Complete Coaching module - attendance, payment details, training progress.
  • Cloud based solution
  • Features for Ledger balance, vendor maintenance and voucher generation
  • Completely paperless system, right from applications to SMS integration
  • Comprehensive booking engine for easy booking on frontend as well as backend.



What is the Play Interactive Software Price?

Our easy-to-use Sports Arena Management Software offers great value at a competitive price.

Under 3 Courts/Gym/Kids Area
  • Setup Fees - One Time₹ 5,000
  • Monthly Fees₹ 3,500
  • Half Year Fees₹ 18,000
  • Year Fees₹ 25,000
  • One time Standalone Purchase₹ 75,000
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Under 6 Courts
  • Setup Fees - One Time₹ 5,000
  • Monthly Fees₹ 3,500
  • Half Year Fees₹ 25,000
  • Year Fees₹ 40,000
  • One time Standalone Purchase₹ 1,25,000
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Multi-Sports Facility
  • Setup Fees - One Time₹ 7,500
  • Monthly Fees₹ 7,500
  • Half Year Fees₹ 35,000
  • Year Fees₹ 60,000
  • One time Standalone Purchase₹ 2,00,000
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